Dawn to Dusk 2012 – Fundraising for the Children

This year LivePerson (the company I work for) is doing a fund-raising trek in Snowdonia (yes its really called that way) in order to raise funds for Naomi House & Jacks Place which is a phenomenal hospice dedicated to help children and young adults in need. These kids are usually faced with conditions and illnesses that mean they are likely not going to make it to adulthood.

LivePerson UK is heavily involved with Naomi House and has been working with the hospice for several years to raise money and volunteer to help make it a better place.

Naomi House

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Why I Will Never Shop at Overstock.com Again

Three weeks ago I wanted to buy a present for my beautiful wife for having carried our recently born baby girl, she did it magnificently for over 9 months and I thought that a small token would be the least I can do to show my appreciation for bringing an amazing present into our lives.

I looked online and found a pair of very nice white-gold earrings that I had hoped she will like on Overstock.com,  a site I had heard good things about and thought is a reputable brand that I could trust. The fact that they had online chat on their site bolstered that feeling as I’m a LivePerson employee I can now recognize and appreciate the value of live chat on a retail site. Overstock is not a LivePerson customer by the way (perhaps that should have tipped me off).

I have ordered the earrings on December 23rd, 2011 and of course I knew they will take some time to arrive, after all it was just before Christmas but that was fine with me, I had hoped they will arrive a few days after the new year.

After they did not arrive for a while I looked at the confirmation email I received and used the tracking link they provided, this took me to the DHL tracking site which very “usefully” told me it couldn’t find the details for the tracking number. I thought to myself, alright, I will try in a few more days, surely it will appear soon.

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