Calling all Tridion Developers

However, its been more than a year since the last update to the project and I feel like it’s definitely time for some improvements and additions.

So I plan on working on a new version of the base project in the next couple of weeks (if time permits of course) and I’m very hopeful to get it out soon before I put more of my energy into the upcoming release of Tridion 2011.

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Not Just Another Tridion GUI Extension

I call it the “List Quick Helper”. Where the main idea was to create a useful tool to supplement the information exposed by the GUI’s list view. The theme of this extension is to boost productivity by exposing data quickly and providing small tools to get common tasks faster.

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A new Android geek on the block

About a month has gone by since I received my Galaxy S, the flagship Android phone by Samsung. I think its time to share my thoughts and initial impressions about it and list the first apps that have found their way onto my phone.

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