One Extension to Rule them All

Since Tridion 2011 has been released with its shiny new GUI framework everyone and their sister have either been creating or thinking about creating extensions. I myself have been heavily involved in creating some.

Traditionally, extensions for the most part are islands of functionality; code is typically hardly ever reused. This is something I’d like to improve. With the advancement of the Tridion framework and by following OO practices, it’s possible to create reusable code, frameworks and more, the sky it the limit really.

A few weeks ago I thought about customizing GUI extensions. As extensions mature it will make sense to allow Tridion users, whether administrators or business, the ability to make changes to extensions’ behavior, to turn functionalities on and off and more, without having to change the underlying code. This led to… *drumroll* … The Extensions Manager.

Extensions Manager - Full view

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Why I stopped using Mediafly on my Android phone

I’ll start with a little background.

Mediafly lets you subscribe to various podcasts from around the Interweb straight from your device, no need to hook it up to a computer, all updates are over the air, it can play video and audio. It downloads and lets you stream shows. It even remembers the position for every episode you start (almost). Heaven! or so I thought…

mediafly android

If you have been following me on Twitter or read any previous article I wrote about consuming media on my Android phone you’ll know that Ive been looking for that great app that will let me listen to my podcasts (and hopefully my music but lets not go there) with as little hassle as possible.

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Setting up a Tridion 2011 GUI extension in 8 steps

The new 2011 Tridion GUI framework is a major overhaul to the way extensions have been previously developed. The framework now is far more robust and well designed. Building new and exciting extensions has never been easier. However, configuring your extension may not be the easiest thing in the world to do…

The following tutorial steps show how to configure an extension for the Tridion 2011 GUI from start to finish.

The example configuration and code is based on my extension: The Item XML Display.

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