Free SSL certificate on Nginx with LetsEncrypt

Let’sEncrypt (website) is a fairly new initiative aiming to make SSL HTTP communication over the Internet as abundantly available as possible. And they have the right idea – make it free!

So, at work we have an internal application we’re using for our development process that I wanted to secure with SSL. Our main certificate isn’t of the wildcard variety and doesn’t have any more SANs available. Since adding more SANs is pretty expensive and all I wanted was to secure an internal server, Let’sEncrypt offering was the easy choice.

I went to Let’sEncrypt’s site to learn how to install it on my Linux (16) with Nginx web server. There wasn’t a tutorial there available. There were links to other tools. They recommend certbot but they also have a very long list of other clients to choose from.

I wanted the easiest solution so tried certbot but their tutorial leaves a lot to be desired so I turned to Google for advice. There are of course enough pages explaining how to do this but they seem a little out dated and still unclear on some of the steps needed so I decided to write my own tutorial in the hope it will help others in the future.

Here goes:

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Debug grunt tasks in Visual Studio 2015

I’ve recently moved back from a Macbook to a Windows 8 laptop (yay!) and so I’ve decided to check out visual studio again after a relatively long period of using IDEA IntelliJ. IntelliJ is an awesome environment and I’ve really enjoyed using it (after getting used to it) for client side and Node JS development.

IntelliJ’s integration with node JS is a pleasure to work with and VS has a lot to catch up to. A definite move in the right direction is the recently published (open source) Node.js Tools for Visual Studio package. While its not release ready for VS 2015 (which is also just RC still) it seems to work fine already.

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JavaScript & Client Side – links to readups and resources on the web

Not sure about NaN and Infinity values in JS? Read this: Easily test tweaks to CSS and JS using BrowserSync: BrowserSync – Time-saving synchronised browser testing What is BrowserSync and How Do You Use it? | Damon Bauer Douglas Crockford – The Better Parts @ Nordic.js 2014 – talks about new Good and Bad … Continue reading JavaScript & Client Side – links to readups and resources on the web

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Poem: את לי בית – You’re Home


This one is very dear to me, I’ve been carrying it in my head for about a year now. Lately I’ve been very focused on my family and work and that left very little time for writing. Recently I had the chance to finally sit down and put it on paper.

This poem, written first in Hebrew is called “You’re Home” and in Hebrew: “את לי בית” is dedicated to my wife, Shani.

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Poem: How to part

how to part

Back in July of 2011 (has it been that long ago?) I published what was my latest poem in Hebrew Eich Nifradim (How to Part).

I revisited that poem recently and decided to take a crack at translating it to English and I think it actually turned out quite nicely.

This poem holds a dear place in my heart as i read it in my grandfather’s funeral in the summer of that year…

So here it is:

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