Great Point and Shoot Windows Desktop Backgrounds

Ever since I got my first digital camera, a Konica Minolta Z2(which I loved), I was fascinated by taking photos.

Mostly photographing for me isn’t about people, it is about the places, the landscapes and scenic views. Typically what I try when I take a picture is to get the location in its “quietest” form, meaning without any moving entities like people or animals. Obviously I do take photos of people, like family and friends or even something more random like a couple sitting on bench in a pretty park or a squirrel running up a tree. but the ones I like to go back to, the ones I like looking at the most are those that are clean of animated figures. I guess for me those are the purest.

Out of the thousands of photographs I’ve taken over the years, I continuously use the ones I like best as my desktop background. I thought to myself that I could share these photos with other people who are perhaps tired of their boring one-colored desktop background or default Windows ones.

Out of the many photos I have used, I’ve chosen 10 of the best ones, at least I think they are, to share. The photos have been taken in different places in Europe.

Important to mention is that I’m by no means a professional photographer or even use anything close to a professional camera, all of the photos below were taken with my Minolta or my point and shoot Canon camera.

Autumn Garden (Czech Republic):

Autumn Garden - Czech Republic
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