LINQ to Tridion

Contents Introduction Linq to Tridion In Action Source Code Resources Introduction Its Friday evening, a good time to share a little something I’ve been working on. .NET 3.0 brought with it a fantastic new language (VB, C#) extension called LINQ which stands for Language-Integrated Query. Microsoft describes it as “a set of extensions to the … Continue reading LINQ to Tridion

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Creating a Webservice Proxy with jQuery

In this article I would like to show an easy way of creating a similar proxy to the Microsoft one in pure javascript and the help of jQuery’s AJAX abilities. This makes a lot of sense if you do not have the option to use the MS library on the client or simply don’t want to.

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Implementing the XSLT Mediator – Part 1

In the next few articles I plan on showing how to use the XSLT Mediator which Im currently maintaining as an eXtension available on SDLTridion World.

This is the first part in a series of at least 3 articles; in following articles I will mainly be discussing how to extend the XSLT transformation with .NET code.

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