Navigation History Tridion GUI Extension

3 thoughts on “Navigation History Tridion GUI Extension”

  1. Another way of accomplishing this is simply making the back and forward buttons of your browser work. Tridion already updates the URL if you click those buttons, so all that is required is to hook into the changes and update the GUI.

    The oneliner above shows how to do that in e.g. Chrome. Paste it into the JavaScript console of Chrome and watch how then suddenly your back and forward buttons do what they were meant to do.

    It’s easy to make it work on all browsers, but it wouldn’t have fit in 140 characters anymore then. 🙂

    1. Thanks Frank, I thought about implementing this way, i was surprised in the first place that we didnt already have this in the product when indeed the GUI does actually change the URL for every location.
      Implementing the buttons was more fun though and I like the way i did the history view (right-click) better than the way browsers do it 🙂

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