The List Quick Helper Tridion extension gets an update

8 thoughts on “The List Quick Helper Tridion extension gets an update”

  1. Hi Yoav, I am installed it and it seems to conflict with one of my data extender. I guess you are loading the items you show the information about right? Can you try to add a data column extender and test List Quick Helper, in my vm it removes the value from the extended column when I click in the item.

    I’ll keep testing. But it’s great stuff, man.

    1. Hi Jaime, Thanks!

      Ill give it a try and see what happens.
      Strange that the Helper will cause any issue with your extender, it simply loads its XML. if the extender adds data to the XML it should still be available…

  2. Nice work Yoav,

    One small thing – when I open my Checked-out items list then select an item, (single click, not double-click to open), it disappears from the list and I get a “Invalid URI: cme:chklst.
    Unable to get TOM object for URI: cme:chklst” error.

    If I turn off the helper the error does not return. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Neil,

      I also noticed this error just a couple of days ago. Ill investigate and try and fix soon.


    2. Hi Neil,

      Found out the cause of the issue. Turns out that the Selection object passed to the command reports that the selected type of the item is 16 while in fact the selected item is a WorkItem which has a type of 131200 which the Helper doesnt support. So I’ve now made the helper check the types based on the selected items and not what the Selection says…
      Fix will be out soon.


  3. Hi Yoav,

    Great extension!
    I’ve been trying to find out how to get list of current publications using anguilla framework only.
    Maybe you have some info which might help me?
    Because my investigation was without any success.

    So I’m looking for something like that: $cme.GetCurrentUserPublications()

    Thank you.

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