Setting up a Tridion 2011 GUI extension in 8 steps

12 thoughts on “Setting up a Tridion 2011 GUI extension in 8 steps”

  1. Hey Yoav,

    Clean article.

    Could you also make sure you update the instructions posted in the various articles on sdltridionworld? It seems because of changes in the config xml structure between the CTP2011 and the GA version, that older articles no longer have the correct approach with regards to installing the extensions.

    Other than that, very cool — will be using this simple extension as the basis for future ones!

  2. Just a quick question yoav:

    I see the following line in your xmllistview extension

    Extensions.ItemXmlDisplay._xsltLocation = $config.expandEditorPath(“/client/commands/itemXmlDisplay/itemXmlDisplay.xslt”, “2011Extensions”);

    when rendered in the browser this is converted into the path:


    However i’ve placed the extension outside of the /WebUI/Editors/2011Extensions directory in c:/tridion/extensions/ so the xslt file returns a 404.

    Is there a better way for me to code this path so it is relative to the extension location and not the wcm webui folder?



    1. Hi John,

      Thats a bit strange that you should have this problem since I dont put my editors/extensions under the tridion installation folder either. thats why one of the steps needed is to make the folder containing your extensions a virtual folder in IIS under the /WebUI/Editors/.

      Once you do this, the URL returned by the expand path method will be valid.

      However, my extensions expect the editor folder to be called “2011Extensions” if you have selected a different name make sure you also change the editor name in the utils.js file. Also make sure you are using the latest version of my extensions since I have made sure that the editor name is no longer hardcoded anywhere.

      If you’re using the List Quick Helper which i believe still has some hardcoded values you will have to find and change them in the code or wait just a little bit more as im very close to releasing a new (and wonderful) version of the extension 🙂

      Hope this helps,

  3. Hi Yoav!

    When extending the ribbon toolbar, is it possible to insert a new button inside a item group? For example a new button right under the “Delete” button in the Management group.


  4. Hi Yoav,
    Nice article.Am kind of novice working in GUI extensions.
    with help of this article am able to setup GUI extension in Dashboardview-DashboardToolbar with noissues.

    I want to do similar extension in ComponentView-ItemToolbar .
    1) i want this to work on the “FormatPage” [with “ComponentView-ItemToolbar”]. The button shows up but is disabled. The “isEnabled” function of this command returns “True” so it is enabled always. Is there a configuration i’m missing?

    2) So i did _isEnabled=true & _isAvailable=true(with underscore).This still dont have any effect on the ComponentView buttons.

    Please advise, where i’m missing a config parameter, or what i’m not configuring correctly?

  5. Hi Yoav,

    I’ve been trying to follow your steps and things appear to be working out okay… but my goal is to have a button in the ribbon toolbar go to a custom page in Tridion. Would I then register a command under my extension namespace whose purpose is to navigate to my custom page? How does that JavaScript look?

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