My Tridion 2011 CTP Extensions Go GA

13 thoughts on “My Tridion 2011 CTP Extensions Go GA”

  1. Hi Yoav,

    I updated my own extension-configs according to yours, but I can’t find the documentation on it.
    Do you where to find the documentation for the extension configs?


  2. Hi Yoav,

    I tried to install the Item Xml Helper, but I keep getting this error:

    SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property ‘vdir’: object is null or undefined
    Dashboard_v6.0.0.39607.0_.aspx?mode=js, line 21 character 2848

    I’ve check the “vdir” in System.config and its correctly set to the virtual directory name. ALl other settings appear to be correct.

    This error effectively breaks the CMS, stoppping it from loading fully – any ideas?

    1. Hi Neil, how are you?

      Can you send me your system.config file so i can have a look?

      Havent seen this specific error before im afraid…

      1. Hi Yoav,

        I’m trying to get this CME extension to work as is without much success. The site fails to load when I add the editor xml to the system.config. I’m fairly new to SDL Tridion development and not quite sure about how to debug this problem. Where can I find log messages that will help me figure out what is happening with the extension?

        Are there any hints you can give me to help get to the bottom of this?

        My CME build is


    2. Neil,

      Did you get a response to this error? I seem to have run into the same problem. Any help is appreciate so I can get past this roadblock.


      1. Neo Savvy,

        I never really got to the root cause of the error, I simply followed Yoav’s installation step-by-step again and it worked.

        Originally I hadn’t created a “C:\2011Extensions” folder, we’d tried to put the files somewhere else.

        Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Yoav,

    I am very new to this tridion.I have followed all the 8 steps to add and extension in the Component view.But now i am trying to call an function on click of button ‘Item XML ‘ present in component ribbon toolbar but nothing is happening.
    Plz help.


    1. Hi Mohit,
      Have you tried using Firebug and look at the console to see if there are any errors thrown from the javascript code?


      1. Hey Yoav,

        Ya there is no js error.I need to call an webservice from that js function but right now i am not able to get an alert modal on click .
        Its like no event is firing on click of that.
        And also somtimes the Item XML button is disable as the class on it gets disabled,in that case i don’t see the image.


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