Calling all Tridion Developers

7 thoughts on “Calling all Tridion Developers”

  1. Hi Yoav,

    We’ve added a number of additional methods to TemplateBase over the last couple of years in partial classes and updated a few of the existing methods to make them more generic, which I’m more than happy to contribute.

    I think adding it to Codeplex would be a great idea – we need a central repository to allow easy maintenance of the solution.

    Perhaps somewhere central for custom mediators too (something I thought we’d see more of)? I did start a mediator based on the same syntax as the spark view engine ( but haven’t had the time to get it working.

    – Jonathan

  2. Unfortunately I don’t think I have anything specific to add regarding the TemplateBase project, although I’ll check my images to see if there’s anything I can find.

    There was talk at the MVP retreat about using an internet-based source code repository for storing the GUI extensions we were working on. I definitely like the idea – what’s missing from the current community is the ability for the community to update extensions, particularly where bug fixes are concerned. I say “do it!” 😉

  3. Hi Yoav,

    Recently started using this base project. In the coming period I am planning to use it intensively.
    I’m sure I’d like to see functionality added to the templating base project. Will keep you informed.


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  5. hello
    do you know what this could mean ?
    JScriptException: Expression ‘RenderComponentPresentation(“tcm:25-11891”, “tcm:25-451-32”)’ had error ‘Could not find mediator for template type: text/xml’

    thank you

  6. Hi I’m also getting this same error message.

    JScriptException: Expression ‘RenderComponentPresentation()’ had error ‘Could not find mediator for template type: text/xml’

    I did configured, it’s working fine when I did publishing only on parent website. If I did publish on child also getting failed.

    If I preview no issue, mediator is working fine. If I publish bulk it’s getting failed. Only getting success one by article publishing english and arabic components.

    Because I did added new mediator function for generate thumnail image croping.

    Where ever my page, or DCP using this mediator it’s this issue when I did publish bulk.

    Please help us find this issue

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