Not Just Another Tridion GUI Extension

9 thoughts on “Not Just Another Tridion GUI Extension”

  1. Great extension, Yoav.

    Good that by using your extension these functionalities are now available in the CME, but this should have been added by Tridion a long time ago.

  2. @Ron: I do agree that most functionality should have been there, but there has to be a limit to how much visual clutter you add to the tool, and we have to consider that most of the Tridion users are NOT programmers, and they don’t need the same set of tools we need.

    @Yoav: AWESOME. Now I know why it took you so long to answer my emails 😀

  3. Thanks guys.

    I agree with both Ron and Nuno.

    Ron: Yes, some stuff should be part of the product. Especially if you get used to having something like this extension at one customer and then a different customer doesnt have it. I definitely would have liked something similar to be part of the product but then I wouldnt get the chance to build something as fun as this 😉

    on the other hand, Nuno is right, its very difficult for Tridion to cater for all users and types of users. What some customers/users want isnt necessarily what others want. This is where the Extensions Framework sits very well and with the new version, the extensions are a first class citizen in the GUI and are used and loaded just like any other part of the out of the box elements.

  4. Hi Yoav, great extensions so far. I have just recently started to experiment with them. With this extension I can’t get the Turn Helper On/Off button on the Admin tab. That might have to do with the CTP 2011 version I am using. I can get it on the home tab ribbon for example. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Henry, Thanks!
      glad you liked it.
      Strange you have problems with the Admin tab. it might be a version thing. Ive recently installed the extension on a newer Beta version and it shows the button in the admin tab…

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