Get Froyo (android 2.2) on your Galaxy S now

11 thoughts on “Get Froyo (android 2.2) on your Galaxy S now”

  1. Got me 2.1 update 1….and still no hebrew. (I’m in germany)
    anything else you might have failed to mention?

    1. Hi there,
      You do need 2.2 to see Hebrew, 2.1 update 1 is what comes on the SGS when you buy it.

      Unfortunately, Froyo (2.2) doesnt seem to have capability to type in Hebrew, only view it.

  2. ok, this i already knew, I just wanted to be able to read my hebrew emails, it’s just that the header offers a solution that didn’t work for me, despite following it clearly I only got the Eclair JM2 build…

    1. Not sure where its going wrong for you… When you try and update through the Kies software it tells you that you have the latest version even if you then go and change those registry settings and try to update again?

  3. well, when I did that it wrote I had an older version and redid the 2.1…do you think it might be IP dependent?

    1. Perhaps Samsung got wind of what people were doing and are trying to shut it down now based on IP… it was fine over the weekend 😦
      Would be interesting to hear from other people if they are facing problems like yours or not.
      check out there are allot of SGS users there to ask 🙂

  4. i’m not sure why but it doesn’t work.
    even if i change the registry while the phone is connected and kies is open, when i press the update button it change the registry back to the the 2.1 version

  5. Hi, Im from iceland and trying to update my samsung galaxy s to 2.2 FROYO version. When I opwn Kies it just says “Connecting the device…” Please Wait.
    Looks like Kies doesnt find my phone when I connect it to my computer.

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