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The Item Xml Display Tridion GUI Extension

Continuing my recent trend of Tridion GUI extensions,

I give you the “Item XML Display” extension:

Xml item display - component XML

I have been thinking for the longest time of the need for such an extension while working on various Tridion projects.


The problem is simple; during development work on a typical Tridion project there come times when you need to view the raw XML of items within the system, usually those would be components, especially when developing XSLT templates, but examining other items’ XML can be very useful as well. Looking at publications’ metadata or folders’, structuregroups’, etc.

Without the extension, to view the XML of any item in Tridion you have to be remotely or directly connected to the CM server, then you can simply type the TCM URI of the item into IE’s address bar and you get the XML:

Tridion CM protocol handler

But what if right now your team mates are also using the remote connections and its maxed out? Or what if you’re working on a project where you don’t even have remote access at all?

Well, you could use one of the power tools or even create your own custom URL (granted you can install it on the server first).
But for those you will usually need to copy or memorize the URI first into a different page and that’s, well… annoying.

What if you could simply click on the item you wish to view its XML and see it in the GUI? Well, now you can :)

With my extension you can do just this:

Xml item display - new contenxt menu item

Simply select the context menu item “Item Xml Display” to view the entire XML of the item.

The extension allows you to  quickly grab the XML structure by clicking on the clipboard button on the right so you can for example paste it into your favorite XML/XSLT editor:

Xml item display - buttons


  1. Install the jQuery extension (as explained in a previous post).
  2. Download the extension code.
  3. Copy the zip file to the CM server.
  4. Install the extension  using TcmExtensionInstaller.exe utility.
  5. Open IIS and configure [tridion_home]/web/extensions/xmldisplay as an application:xml item display - extension folder in IIS
  6. Clear IE cache on any client using the CME.
  7. Enjoy…


Can be downloaded here.

  1. Quirijn Slings
    August 31, 2010 at 20:35

    Great stuff as usual. Are you aware by the way that this functionality was demoed at the CTP bootcamp for the 2011 release, as an example of how easy it is to customize the GUI in 2011?
    At least it shows that this functionality is on everyone’s radar!

    • yoavniran
      September 1, 2010 at 09:39

      Thanks Quirijn,
      I didnt know that it was demoed at the bootcamp but I can imagine many people have thought about this addon to the GUI for a long time.

      Hopefully I can get to making a version of this extension for 2011 soon.

  1. September 3, 2010 at 10:13
  2. September 6, 2010 at 15:37

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